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aegisaglow replied to your post “Tomorrow begins my last week at my part-time job. I’ll be leaving…”

At least you’ll be going straight back to school, so you’ll still have a routine, even if it’ll take getting used to :o

Yeah, that’s true. I was kinda kicking myself for not leaving a gap of a week or two to cool off, but I get the feeling that if I had I’d have just spent that week being a nervous wreck anyways…

guess you weren’t trained to expect this

hey now, don’t you derail my conversation with these puns

dont-trust-the-skull asked

I dreamed about trying to adopt a stray horse last night. Like there was a horse pound, and people were walking around looking at all the little horses and deciding which one to take home. Every time I chose one someone else would adopt it first, but it was okay because it meant all the horses had a home. #yntkt

central-avenue answered

That’s…that’s adorable!

I’m glad all the horses went to good homes, though I’m sorry you couldn’t get one. ^_^

dont-trust-the-skull asked

you and anonus are CAnon

central-avenue answered

The only surprising thing about this is that it took three years for you to get to it, lol

dont-trust-the-skull asked

the fandom would assume centralia doesn't exist and create some bullshit "it was just something she posted about in the forums sometimes" explanation

central-avenue answered

(omg I giggled loudly)

…man, fandom theories can be totally out there sometimes.

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why was seven afraid of seven? because seven seven seven!

goddammit i giggled