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yuri taxi

I would actually play that

aegisaglow said: That must be alarming

goddamn you I giggled

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I thought you were serious for a minute, tumblr has fucked me up

*evil princess laugh*

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Lately I’ve been making a distinction between “food” and “food-” in my tagging, so that if I ever want to go looking for food stuff I’ve reblogged the stuff that incidentally has food (which still needs to be tagged for ts) won’t show up too.

Ah, so you want the distinction on your own blog too. That does make sense.

Her Majesty Alice the First, by the Grace of Loopiness, of the Principality of Centralia, Supreme Governor of the Church of Roadsigns and Defender of the PONY

headcanon accepted ^_^

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You know, I tried coming up with a really long name for my Princess persona, but the longest I managed was “Her Royal Highness, Princess Alice of Centralia”

I guess I could make it “Princess Alice of the Principality of Centralia”, but “Princess of Principality” seems kind of redundant


Is being a unicorn inherently like carpooling or is the unicorn lobby’s influence over municipal planning even stronger than I thuoght?

Well, you see, riding a unicorn to work reduces your carbon footprint, at least compared to riding in a gas-powered car, so it’s something we want to encourage among the general populace. ^_^

Of course, you’d wonder why someone riding a unicorn would bother with the roads, considering they can apparently do this:

*goes unconscious imagining the big rosemary kiss musical number*

*can’t stop giggling*


Yep, that’s an accurate depiction!

It’s kinda hard to dial with hooves, though

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because he’s a secret agent infiltrating corporations and his missions are crucial to the fate of humanity

headcanon accepted