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I dreamed about trying to adopt a stray horse last night. Like there was a horse pound, and people were walking around looking at all the little horses and deciding which one to take home. Every time I chose one someone else would adopt it first, but it was okay because it meant all the horses had a home. #yntkt

central-avenue answered

That’s…that’s adorable!

I’m glad all the horses went to good homes, though I’m sorry you couldn’t get one. ^_^

aegisaglow asked

you and anonus are CAnon

central-avenue answered

The only surprising thing about this is that it took three years for you to get to it, lol

aegisaglow asked

the fandom would assume centralia doesn't exist and create some bullshit "it was just something she posted about in the forums sometimes" explanation

central-avenue answered

(omg I giggled loudly)

…man, fandom theories can be totally out there sometimes.

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why was seven afraid of seven? because seven seven seven!

goddammit i giggled

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starring johnny depp and helena bonham carter as memes

featuring audio posts by danny elfman


horse <3

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Yeah, that.

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now i’m gonna change my personal tag to yntkt0942139805240

*annoyed horse noises*