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Whoever designed the checkout signs at Meijer is apparently a grammar nerd, since their express lanes have the proper “15 items or fewer” instead of the more common but incorrect “15 items or less”.

Kroger, on the other hand, has chosen to sidestep the less/fewer issue entirely by posting their checkout lanes as “about 15 items”. I love the honesty on display there; they’re actually acknowledging that nobody treats it as a hard limit anyway.

Over the weekend, I went for a little drive just for fun, as I often do in the spring. My gas gauge was on “empty”, so I stopped at a nearby Turkey Hill to fuel up.

And boy did I regret it.

I pulled up to the first pump I saw, but it was out of order. Ok, fine. So I pulled around to the pump pictured above. It’s…seen better days, to say the least. The LCD screen has been knocked askew somehow, and the cheap red paneling they plastered over the old Exxon branding is starting to lift up. But hey, at least it works, right?

Wrong! The pump’s card readers refused to accept my Kroger Plus card or my Visa debit card. So I finally gave up and went inside to pay. The cashier scanned both the Kroger Plus cards I keep on hand, but for whatever reason the system simply would not accept them.

So what the hell was I supposed to do? I couldn’t, like, not put gas in my car! So I ended up paying full price (and the clerk had to run my card as debit, by the way, since it wouldn’t work as credit) even though I know I have fuel points on my Kroger card.

Get your shit together, Kroger, or I’m gonna stick to Speedway from now on.

Renovation of a Kroger store in Columbus, Ohio

I am slightly disappointed by the loss of “Food & Drug”

Top: 31 December 2011

Bottom: 13 September 2013

The nearby Kroger pulled out their drop ceiling as part of their ongoing remodel.

I can’t help but think it makes the place look a bit like a set on a theatrical stage instead of an actual store.

All the Kroger/Turkey Hill gas pumps around here seem to have strange “thank you” messages

Either they have some weird typo


Or they break the lines in weird places


I don’t get it.

Kroger Food & Drug

Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio

Kroger - Blacklick, Ohio

I was hesitant to write about this store because it’s just so…vanilla. But I figure if I’m going to write posts about other, slightly more interesting Kroger stores, I’ll need to establish a point of comparison, so have a rather uninteresting Kroger store.

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Vacant Kroger/Cub FoodsColumbus Square Shopping Center

Vacant Kroger/Cub Foods
Columbus Square Shopping Center